Does Wedlock mean Financial Deadlock?

The average couple that marry in the UK will spend a whopping £42,000 on their wedding, not including the rings or the honeymoon. Living in such a diverse society, across different cultures the prices and importance of marriage differs. The most expensive Asian wedding dress ever to be made in the UK cost a ginormous £100,000! That isn’t even considering the prices of a venue, catering, decoration and of course the groom’s attire. Here in Britain, we have had our fair share of extravagant weddings, showcased all across the media with shows like ‘My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding’ but the most expensive UK wedding ever was the iconic royal wedding of Princess Diana and Prince Charles.

Getting married is the start to a new life with someone to share all experiences and adventures with; to dive into the rest of your life inches away from falling through the wedding shaped hole in your pocket, is not a healthy financial start. Ideally the modern day newlyweds want to have the funds to kick start their new life together, and the key to do this is wedding budgeting. With the right use of budgeting your wedding day won’t then last in your bank account for years after. It’s not to say that it’s not right to spend a lot of money on your wedding – it’s about finding the right wedding prices that suit you and your bank account.

Budgeting lies in hands of logic and thinking ergonomically. Think about what you can afford and where your money is best spent. It only takes one shopping trip before you realise you’ve spent £1000 on candles and confetti. You must have the willpower to say “NO! Does our wedding really need this?” and there’s the key to your affordable dream day. When considering essentials such as your venue, why not make it your own? If you have the space in your garden even with a marquee and some tables it can turn your home into your wedding wonderland. Why not?!

If know that you are looking to get out a loan for your wedding, as a lot of people rely on loans, the key is to not borrow more than you can afford to pay back within a year. Anything beyond that will leave a big debt cloud floating above your marriage, and that’ not what they mean by saving for a rainy day. If you’ve recently got engaged and are beginning to plan your special day, remember to control what you’re spending and what you’re spending on.

Give yourself the day you deserve, for the price you can afford.

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