Summer Holidays – You Don’t Have To Spend A Fortune!

It All Mounts Up

If the holiday abroad didn’t cost enough, now you have the last 3 weeks to pay for food, activities, being your teenager’s taxi service and paying for your alone time. So how to keep the spending at a minimum but still keep everyone happy is the question.

Stay Local!

Days out with the kids don’t have to cost the world. Get to be familiar with your local area and save money by finding places to have fun within walking distance – cheap and healthy. Baking! Who would have thought the kids would enjoy baking?

Well it’s cheap, fun, tasty and a great way to bond while teaching cooking skills to last a lifetime. Even cooking savoury dishes like pies or bread rolls, why not take your homemade food for a picnic in the park – the local park that is.

Summer time isn’t going to be free, most things aren’t, but it doesn’t say anywhere that you have to spend a fortune.

To Spa or Not to Spa?

As for yourself, kids or not, everyone needs to treat themselves. While some people spend hundreds on pampering themselves with beauty products and spa treatments, not everyone has to pierce the purse to relax.  Why not purchase some low price bath salts and spend the evening relaxing in a candle lit bath… practically free relaxation time.

If you can afford to pay for days out of the house for your alone time then that’s great, but if you don’t then that’s okay too.

So remember this summer, the most important thing is to enjoy yourself.

Have fun and happy saving from everyone here at Green and Peter!

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