Have you received a bombshell from the Inland Revenue?

Have you received a bombshell from the Inland Revenue? Did you ever think how they were able to find you?

I’m Robert Green of Green and Peter, Creative Chartered Accountants in North London.

Let me give you an example.

Somebody came to me. She was a fashion designer, and she had been trading for many years. She had started off with a low turnover and no profits and thought because the figures were so low she didn’t need to join the tax club or tell the Inland Revenue that she was in business. Her profits grew, and then sometime later she grew into quite a large business. She still hadn’t told the Inland Revenue.

She had created quite a powerful website and was getting a lot of reviews from it and a lot of business from it.

Unfortunately, the Inland Revenue also saw the website.

When she came to me she was in a terrible state. She was crying; she felt that she was going to lose her home, have to go bankrupt and would be put out of business.

I took on her case and negotiated on her behalf with the Inland Revenue. We came to a settlement that was acceptable to everyone.

She was able to carry on in business. She didn’t lose her house, and she didn’t have to go bankrupt.

If you have received a bombshell from the Inland Revenue, call me, I’m Robert Green, of Green and Peter, on 020 8446 8100.

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