Milknosugar, Greg Sheridan … and Lopsided Charlie!


With a diverse client list, which includes/has included Virign Atlantic, Virgin Mobile, Jaguar, Nuffield Health, the Royal Opera House, Permira, Microsoft and Nokia, Milknosugar creates lasting, memorable and appropriate communications for any audience. It believes in the power of dialogue to make a brand live and linger in the mind.

From brochures to websites, name generation to ads, books to brand guidelines, and packaging to speeches, Milknosugar always applies the same rule: make it better.


While working on a pitch for an independent school in late 2013 (which they didn’t win – boo), Greg doctored the school’s ‘steeple’ identity (the outline of which you can see between Charlie’s legs), and created Lopsided Charlie.

It was a fun distraction and enabled him to combine his love of language with a deep and longstanding appreciation of design (Greg used to be a design journalist working on Graphics International, and as a creative director and writer he has also worked with some of the UK’s leading design agencies including Conran, Fitch, Trickett & Webb, Checkland Kindleysides, Minale Tattersfield and the Team).

Lopsided Charlie is a funny little chap with a slightly irregular view of the world. People seem to enjoy his company because he has a whippet-quick mind and a playful disposition. He says things exactly as he sees them, and his observations are generally amusing, sometimes surprising, occasionally bizarre, but mostly just eloquently engaging.


Ever since he’d fallen off his rocking horse aged three, Charlie had suffered first from chronic xylophobia and hippophobia, then agliophobia and katagelophobia, and, finally, sesquipedalophobia.

* These fears aside, he’s a pretty ordinary fella. He enjoys sports, mainly football, table tennis and surfing, but talent-wise, he’s nowhere.

Most of his friends – all six of them – think he practises practicing just to impress the girls. Yeah right.

In reality, cooking, backgammon and story-telling are the only things at which Charlie really excels. He can serve up a wicked Thai red curry, knows his Acey-duecy from his Hypergammon, and once mesmerised the entire eight strong Charlie clan for 17 minutes with a tale about his cat’s penchant for ladies underwear.


Charlie boy, we salute you. Lopsided Charlie can currently be found on a range of greetings’ cards and postcards, with going live in early February.

Soon, he will also be making his way onto t-shirts.

* Fear of wood, horses, pain, ridicule and long words. In that order.

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