The Cost of Balearic Holidays to Rise?

Holidaymakers to the islands of Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera are expected to soar by almost a third as a result of other destinations being hit by fear of terror attacks.

A Safer Place?

Following recent tragic events in Egypt and Tunisia, the Islands are expected to prove a popular destination among UK tourists this summer and it looks like the authorities are planning to cash-in on this surge in numbers.

Simply put it could mean that a family of four could see the cost of a two-week holiday in a 5 Start Hotel rise by £74. The eco-tax is based on a charge of up to 2 Euros a day, per adult, depending on the type of accommodation they choose. For example, it is expected that one to three-star hotel accommodation will be charged at one euro per day, per person and four to five starts will be charged at two euros a day.

After 10 days of any stay the fee will be reduced by 50 per cent and holidays taken between November and April will also have the tax reduced by 50 per cent.

Children under 16 will be exempt from the charges and after ten days of any stay the tax will be reduced by 50%. Also the charge will be reduced by 50% for any holidays taken between November and next April.

Why an “Eco Tax”?

The proper name for this new tax is “Sustainable Tourism Tax” and the local authorities intend to use the extra money they collect to help protect the islands from natural events such as erosion and to help improve facilities and to support marine projects.

A spokesperson for the islands’ tourism department said: “With the help of the tax revenue, we will be able to maintain and improve the quality of tourism on the Balearics.

“We are grateful that our visitors will help to protect and preserve this little paradise with this small contribution.”

Book Now and Beat the Tax

The tax is expected to be introduced in July this year (2016) and will come as quite a blow to many families already finding it hard to finance the annual family holiday. Some tour operators are expected to absorb the cost of this new tax whilst others will want to pass it on to the holidaymakers.

So, Spain and its’ Islands still remain an attractive place for UK holidaymakers to visit but let’s hope that not too many more of these extra taxes and costs are introduced otherwise it may push the cost of foreign holidays beyond the reach of a lot of us.

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