Are You Claiming All The Relief That You Are Entitled to Against Your Employment?

A client who works for a big international company as its manager has to drive at least 9 to 10 thousand miles a year on behalf of his employment. He is currently paid 20p per mile. Because he can claim up to 45p a mile, he is entitled to claim the difference. This means he can claim the difference of 25p for every mile he’s done at his highest rate of tax. And because you can go back 3 years before the current year of claim, this means we could claim 4 years of tax relief for him. In addition, he also had to be a member of a professional institute and go on special training courses, which he had paid himself. We could get this relief for him as well. He ended up receiving a substantial refund from the tax authorities. If you are not sure whether you claimed all the relief you are entitled to, contact Green and Peter on 020 8446 8100.
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