Carol Mann – Business Website Consultant

Carol Mann has been actively working in the digital marketing arena since 1997. Asked to computerise the overseas property sales company she was working for at the time, she soon became hooked on all things digital and websites!

After working in the international property industry for many years in the sales and marketing field and having been involved in designing and planning various company websites, Carol took time out to further her new found passion by graduating in Visual Communications as a mature student in 2003.

We Get Digital

This eventually led to her forming her own digital marketing company, Hallmann Marketing in 2007 and her current business, We Get Digital, which she formed with husband Mike Sebbage in 2012.

We Get Digital has established itself as a leading digital agency, helping small businesses in the North London area with their websites and on-line promotion.

Recently Carol has set up a spin-off service from the main stream business helping individuals and companies to fully understand and capitalise on their business website, acting as a consultant before, during and after the website design and build process.

Getting it Right

In many cases she will oversee the whole build and make sure that her clients get the website they want and, more importantly, get the website their business NEEDS.

Carol can advise on all aspects of designing, building and marketing a business website and is well known for her personable and “non-techy” approach, helping clients through what is often a quite daunting process!

Should you require any help at all with your company’s on-line presence, be it building a website or understanding how best to market your company on-line, Carol can help.

Contact Carol on 07767 785813 for more information or e-mail her at

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