Should Your Business Be Formed as a Sole Trader or Limited Company?

A client of mine runs his business as a sole trader even though it is very successful. He maintains his status as a sole trader is so that no information is in the public domain. If he ran his business as a limited company, he would have to file accounts with Companies House and thereby out this information in the public domain where his competition could obtain it.

Another example of using a limited company as a vehicle to run your business would be disposal of that business.

To dispose of a limited company is far easier than if the business was run as a sole trader because a limited company is a separate entity from the owners and the directors who run the business.

A third example of the benefits of using a limited company is when running a business that has major exposure to risk. With a limited company, the only risk that the owners of a business have is the amount they put in as share capital. If you run your business as a sole trader, the risk is unlimited limit, and therefore all your personal assets could be at jeopardy.

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