Allowable business expenses for models

Allowable business expenses for models

Glamorous though it might seem, modelling is a profession like any other and accounting for deductible allowances from your tax bill is a simple yet effective way to make your business more profitable.

The Cost of Balearic Holidays to Rise?

Holidaymakers to the islands of Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera are expected to soar by almost a third as a result of other destinations being hit by fear of terror attacks. A Safer Place? Following recent tragic events in Egypt and Tunisia, the Islands are...

The Budget – Interesting Facts!

But the word has come to have great significance in UK politics and is our annual fiscal review. The first Budget appears to date back to 1733 when Britain experienced a so-called Excise Crisis. The Prime Minister at the time, Robert Walpole, planned to shift the...