Bleach Productions and The Crypt Studio

This month began with recording demo’s for the new regional BBC radio jingles.

Our client in Seattle asked us to book some UK session singers to try out as their US ones couldn’t quite get the accent right. We did the same last year for Heart FM.

Theatre Show

Next up was mixing a live musical theatre show that we had recorded in December on location at Colchester Lakeside Theatre. This will be used for a DVD release of the show. G2TV booked us to record location sound on a promotional film for Cunard which involved spending 5 days at sea on the Queen Mary II. Sea legs on!

Vintage TV

Another regular client Vintage TV were back to start their new season of ‘Live with..’ a series of live music sessions recorded at The Crypt. This time we had the mighty Fairport Convention is and the Jon Allen Band. Rock group ‘Bear’s Den’ were back to record some more tracks with our in-house producer Anthony Leung and we were also commissioned to work on a film with Leap Productions and Thinkbox TV for the IPA awards.

In At The Deep End!

All that and still time to take on a new apprentice, Carl, who is rapidly finding out just how varied his work is going to be this year!

Bring on February!


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