10 reasons why Green & Peter are the best accountants in North London for creative businesses

A quick check on Google shows that there are no fewer than 10 accountancy practices within a ¼ of a mile of our offices in Whetstone, North London. Such a choice should be a good thing for small creative businesses looking for help with their business finances, but sometimes too many options can result in decision paralysis. So, here’s a break down of ten reasons why Green & Peter are the best accountants in North London for creative businesses.

Why do creative businesses need the help of an accountant?

We look after many creatives so we’ve learnt over many years that most creative business owners aren’t very excited by numbers. They often find it challenging to manage their business finances well. From keeping on top of their receipts and invoicing to making sure that their self-assessments, VAT and Corporation Tax returns are filed on time, small creative business owners often find the finance admin tedious, time-consuming or stressful. If that’s you, it’s time to hand over the bookkeeping and accounting to us so you can focus on what you love to do – creating.

Whether you’re an actor, artist, photographer, musician or any other creative person, you don’t need to be scrabbling around at the end of the year for documents or wading through spreadsheets to figure out your profit. Here are just 10 reasons why it makes sense to outsource it all.

1) Experience helping creatives

For more than 30 years, Green & Peter, the best accountants in North London for creatives have been working closely with small and medium-sized businesses, based in London and further afield. Creative businesses have unique challenges that require tailored support and we are ideally placed to help you navigate the complicated world of tax, accounting and business planning.

2) Understanding your industry

Working in a creative industry can be challenging. From business promotion to pricing, there are many aspects of running a business where it’s easy to trip up. A deep understanding of the creative industries means the support you’ll get from us will help you take advantage of specific tax breaks while helping you manage your numbers better.

3) Comprehensive services

Most creative business owners need more than just tax accounting. Green & Peter won’t only focus on keeping your tax bill as low as possible, we can also offer a wider range of services to help your creative business succeed. This could include simple bookkeeping to save you time, budget preparation to help you keep control of your costs or cash flow forecasting so you can remain solvent to name just a few other services. We’re a full-service practice supporting the financial needs of local and UK-wide creative businesses.

4) A customer experience you can recommend

It’s all very well us telling you how good we are, but we’d rather you heard it from our happy clients. Here are some of the phrases our clients have used:

‘Help me sleep better at night’

‘Breath of fresh air’

‘Saved me from going into a very difficult financial situation’

‘Deep knowledge of the Film & TV industry’

‘We wouldn’t go anywhere else.’

5) Affordable and competitive rates

We know that it can sometimes be challenging to make a consistent living in the creative industries, so we offer fair and affordable rates for our services. Get the help you need without breaking the bank.

6) Convenient North London location

Green & Peter Accountants is conveniently located on Whetstone High Road in North London. There’s on-street parking and other public car parks nearby as well as the Northern Line tube and local bus routes. We love to see clients in person whenever possible but if you’re a creative somewhere else in the UK, we can meet you online or manage your accounts via email and phone too, so don’t let your location be a barrier to working with the best accountants in North London who support creative businesses.

7) On top of changes to rules and regulations

We’ll always keep up-to-date on the latest tax laws and regulations and we’ve got specific knowledge of how these impact creative industry businesses. Avoid penalties, remain compliant and keep more of your profits.

8) More than just compliance

Creative industries are often highly competitive so you’ll need to work hard to stand out from the crowd. The best accountants in North London are also business partners who help you with all aspects of your finances. While the tax side of things is obligatory, it’s just as important to spend time understanding the detail so you can make better decisions. This includes understanding which services or products are more profitable, how to price for maximum return, where to look for additional funding and crucially how to avoid being one of the 60% of businesses that fail in the first three years.

9) Tax-saving, profit-generating

Our industry expertise means we know exactly what expenses are tax-deductible and which reliefs and credits you can claim.

10) Business growth

Whether you’re looking to maximise your growth as a solo artist or grow an agency, you’ll benefit from help from an accountancy practice where most of the clients work in creative industries. Your business growth is vital to ensure the arts and creative sectors in the UK continue to flourish.

Working with Green & Peter, the best accountants in North London for your creative business

The creative industries require business owners who are resilient and able to adapt quickly to capitalise on new opportunities. An innovative business partnership with your accountant means you are well-placed to deal with challenges and take your business forward. Talk to Green & Peter about how we can support your company now and in the future. Call us on 020 8446 8100 or email robert@greenandpeter.co.uk for a free, no-obligation chat about your business today.

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