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Green & Peter was established in 1993 when Robert Green and Derek Peter decided to join forces after both returning to practice having spent many years in commerce. Their combined commercial experience has enabled them to offer proactive commercial as well as professional advice to their clients, making Green & Peter one of the top accountants North London

In 1993 they joined forces with Ian Lobatto in their present offices in Whetstone. The practice has expanded rapidly by recommendation and word of mouth.

Green & Peter specialise in accounting for creative people, understanding their needs and requirements.

G&P also work for clients in a wide range of industries and have clients in the property industry, construction, restaurants & bars, media and many others.



To find out how we can help you or to arrange a meeting please call 020 8446 8100 or email enquiries@greenandpeter.co.uk.

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We’ve been helping people in creative industries for 23 over years and what we’ve found they appreciated most is our understanding of the industry and how well we work with creative people.

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We also love working with people that deal with properties. We’ve helped to guide clients that that were ready to give up on their property and turned them into happy and successful property moguls.

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We don’t just work with creatives and property moguls, we do all the other things you’d expect. If you’re looking for help with your finances for business or personal then let us advise you on the best approach.