Professional Collaboration

Should you force yourself to do something that you don’t want to do?

Many of us in our daily lives benefit from help in areas where others do not.  The same is so true in business.

Where possible, each of us should be encouraged to focus on our core competencies and ask help from others when it comes to those activities that seem more challenging or less rewarding for us.

This may look like hiring a new member to your team who possesses the skill-set and mind-set to carry out these duties or outsourcing the work to other entities, which will be the focus of this blog.

How do you find the right professional for you?

Many people are involved with networking; the process of building professional relationships with others.

At Green & Peter, we look to expand our networks to include all sorts of specialists; anyone from web designers and copyrighters to tradespeople like electricians and plumbers. This enriches the service we can offer because we know trusted people who can help us or our clients in areas that we aren’t experts in.

The advantage of connecting through someone’s professional network of contacts can be expressed with that one word – trust.

So if you have a good relationship with a professional, why not try asking them for access to their contacts? Many of us are only too happy to pass on referrals and add value for our clients and business contacts.

Good networkers build up relationships with people who come highly recommended in their profession or trade and have already used each other’s services to some degree personally, professionally or through mutual contacts and mutual clients.

Speak to your accountants about their connections and find out if you can join their good quality network so that you too can be referred by them to other prospective clients.

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