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Green & Peter Ltd was established in 1993 when Robert Green and Derek Peter decided to join forces. They had both returned to practice having spent many years in commerce and their experiences have enabled them to offer proactive commercial and professional advice to their clients. When they moved to their present offices in Whetstone in 1993, Ian Lobatto came on board, bringing with him great knowledge of the travel and leisure sectors.

We have our own app which will keep you up to date with great accounting services

Just for our clients we have our own branded app listed on both the Google Play and Apple App Stores. Our app has been developed with you in mind.

It is feature rich with tools such as our document portal, mileage tracker, rates and allowances, the latest topical news and other resources.



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Why we love creatives!

Working with creative people is a real passion of ours at Green & Peter, in fact it’s where we started back in 1993.
We understand that being a creative type often means that the boring tasks, like keeping your accounts up to date, can seem both daunting and obstructing to the creative process.
That is where we come in! We can take away the headache and stress and leave you to get on with what you do best.

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