The History of Income Tax - A Fighting Fund

30 Jul 14

Did you know that Income Tax was first introduced in Great Britain as a means of raising much needed funds to help fight Napoleon and his fleet? Read more...


Are you a creative person and dread having an accountant?

11 Jul 14

We are creative chartered accountants, and we deal with lots of creative industry, people like artists, sculptors, fashion, music, TV, film, video and photographers.


Celebrity accountants- Some of our famous celebs who started off in the accountancy trade!

09 Jul 14

Accountants are boring? The world of accountancy has a somewhat undeserved reputation of being rather dull and boring. Not so when you look at some of the creative and artistic types that intended to join the profession, and studied hard to do so, before following a more glamorous path!


The Tools of Our Trade - From Pebbles to PC's (Part 1)

04 Jun 14

It is widely believed that the traders and people of Jericho used a barter system until about 7,500 B.C.


The History of Accounting

14 May 14

By its' very definition, accounting is a method of recording and summarising financial transactions.